Monday, February 27, 2012

Ooh, is it time for a few...

Has anyone noticed that every few days the sun keeps popping his head out sporting a big smiley grin and a cheery hat?  Actually, to be fair, as I type this, the drizzle is rattling down, and what was a picture of springtime bliss just 24 short hours ago is now rather unappealing and a little damp around the edges.  

Nevertheless, the nights are pulling out and I will soon be dusting off the Pimms as Easter sneaks up on us.  Hoorah!  This year, you don't have to be tying the knot in order to enjoy some Little Fish goodies as I have just designed a range of rather scrumptious Easter decorations to festoon your home and garden.  So whether you fancy a few cards, some paper chains, Easter Egg Hunt Cones or bunting, look no further than my Not on The High Street store front for ideas and inspiration.

And do I need to tell you it's all personalised?  No, I thought not!

I hope you enjoy some of the snap shots from yesterday's photo shoot.  The plan was to have a fabulous photo of all the children happily munching chocolate from their cones.  However, the boys discovered the hose pipe, the water supply, a large patch of mud and three willing chickens.  Thank goodness for Daisy!

Have a super day.  With love, Hannah 

>>Eight Personalised Easter Note Cards
with a choice of greeting supplied with white envelopes
visit Not on the High :: From £11.95

>>Four Personalised Easter Egg Hunt Cones
Flat packed for delivery, with grosgrain ribbon handle 
visit Not on the High :: From £10.95

>>Personalised Easter Bunting
Enough to make around 6 metres
visit Not on the High :: From £11.95

>>Personalised Easter Paper Chains
Enough to make around 7.5 metres 
visit Not on the High :: From £11.45

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