Thursday, March 22, 2012

party invitations for a...

Just to make a change from weddings, I have happily been designing a Sweet Sixteenth invitation for Casey whose requests were pink, glitter and diamant├ęs to match her marquee celebration.

I started off with 'Stiff Upper Lip' as it has a slight carnival feel, which would work so well with all the fairy lights, candy floss machine and pink chocolate fountain!  From here, I took the ornate shape and played around with double layers, stripes and contrasting fonts for a contemporary feel.  

This really got me in the carnival mood, and gave me the idea of designing an actual old fashioned ticket, with 'admit one' and this glorious carnival font.  I am particularly pleased with the curved corners and the sparkly background card - the glitter adds an elaborate twist too.  I hope these are sparkly enough for her!

As always, if you're interested in any of my designs, please get in touch!

With love, Hannah 
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