Thursday, October 20, 2011

so... what is a venue plan?

I don't wish to gloat, but I can't help loving my job!!

Ok, Ok, not all the time... I admit it can get tedious when I have six hours of guillotining and folding ahead of me, but the Sky Plus Box and a cheeky glass of Pinot will usually work wonders and the evening hours pass by quite happily.  (I know lots of working Mums who are not as fortunate as I!)

However; one of my favourite jobs has to be preparing a venue plan.  I have offered this service for several years now, as not only does it give me a platform upon which to set the tone for the wedding, but it gives my clients a box full of inspiration which is really personal to their day, as well as various sketches so they can actually visualise how things are going to work at the venue.

Angie got in touch with me earlier this year to share with me her plans for her Australian Wedding.  Engaged to Jonathon with two beautiful daughters, they are flying out to Perth, Western Australia to tie the knot at the Aravina Estate this Christmas.  What started as a bespoke stationery design soon turned into some help with supplier sourcing and has now evolved into the production of a venue plan.  I keep waiting for the call saying I can fly out to help on the day!! (Still waiting Angie....)

Angie and Jonathon have never met me face to face, but through lots of phone calls, emails, Tweets and goodies in the post, I have been able to help Angie get everything in place so she can land in Oz and relax knowing everything is in hand.  And just as importantly, when she walks down the aisle, everything will look as she imagined.

Here are a few snippets from Angie's venue plan and bespoke stationery to give you a flavour of her upcoming day.

From top to bottom...

>>A sketch of the top table :: Showing a vintage mix of fresh flowers in a jugs and vases, with hessian chair back wraps and luggage label place names attached. Paper flowers will hang from the room beams to soften the large reception room at the estate and help frame the stunning views.
Venue Plan :: From £200 please click here for more details

>>Flight Information holders :: Ideal to keep all your guests tickets together and remind them of any important details and numbers.
bespoke Stationery Item embellished with glitter and all neat and tidy bow :: £2.75

>>Confetti Order of the Day :: If you're going to take it all the way to Oz, then make sure your stationery is multi functional!  These cute confetti boxes double up as an order of the day using an embellished luggage label.
All neat & tidy favour box :: £1.60
Luggage label :: from £1.25

>>Well... the venue is a vineyard! :: Little bundles of tasting notes as the couple are having wine tasting after the ceremony and larger luggage labels to hang from welcome bottles of wine to refresh the weary travellers on arrival in Oz!
Luggage label :: from £1.25 

Well, I had better be off, I have a New York design that needs tinkering with and a pair of fabulous purple shoes to source.

Have a good day wedding peeps.

With love, Hannah

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